Just a Girl That Believed She Could, So She Did.

Cindy is a national award winning art educator, and artist, turned professional dream chaser and memory keeper. 

She is a first generation, Latina, Summa Cum Laude college graduate with a Masters in Art Education. She has been awarded multiple awards for her dedication, and service to the field of art advocacy in and out of the classroom. 

She currently works for the University of Hawaii, helping bring digital literacy education and resources to underserved communities. 

When Cindy is not out in the community, you can find her working on her art in various mediums, homeschooling her daughter, or working on her garden.

One of Cindy's greatest highlights, is when her former students reach out to her and share stories from their life.

A personal and artistic highlight that she will always remember is when she got commissioned to watercolor a special collectors edition Star Wars cover for comic con.

Her biggest personal goal she has yet to achieve, is to write and illustrate a children's book one day.

She loves to paint in watercolor, but finds that illustrating brings
her the greatest joy. 

Backpacking through Europe

A trip I'd like to take:

Books + audiobooks

Tv, Books, or Podcasts?

Coffee at home with
sweet cream

My drink of choice is:

Potato Tacos, with homemade flour tortillas

If I could eat one thing for the
rest of my life it would be:

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You can find Cindy barefoot, homeschooling her daughter, making art or helping out in the community, while her husband chases after their rescue pit on the Big Island of Hawaii.

Cindy Moore